What’s so good about VDHG?

VDHG stands for Vanguard Diversified High Growth, and is an index ETF product offered by Vanguard Investments Australia.

VDHG is so popular amongst investors because diversified, low cost, and easy to buy.

Because it’s an index product, it has very low management fees at just 0.27% per annum. Being an ETF means that it’s very easy to buy and sell via an online broking account.

It’s incredibly diversified, giving you investment exposure to multiple asset types, countries, currencies, and strategies, all within the one product.

The investment allocation within VDHG is:
Source: vanguardinvestments.com.au

VDHG is one of a series of diversified index ETFs that Vanguard offer. The other options, in ascending order of investment risk are:

Vanguard Diversified Conservative Index ETF (VDCO)

Vanguard Diversified Balanced Index ETF (VDBA)

Vanguard Diversified Growth Index ETF (VDGR)

Choosing an investment from this list should suit the investment goals, timeframes, and risk tolerance of the vast majority of investors.

There are lots of other index products, ETFs, and diversified investments available, you don’t always need to use Vanguard. For example, BetaShares offer their BetaShares Diversified High Growth ETF. Vanguard are featured in this FAQ due to their popularity and status as market leader.

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