Free Net Wealth Tracker

r/ausfinance member u/compiledsanity has created an amazing and free net-wealth, investment tracker, and budget and wealth tool in google sheets that can be accessed here. You can read more about this tool from the original post here.

Here is the text from his original post:

“After a year of tinkering, here’s my homemade Networth Template. It tracks your entire Net Worth and has automatic investment optimization and budgeting.”

Hey everyone,

I am a massive Google Sheets fan, so after seeing a few other sheets in the Sub this week and seeing this being useful in the past in this sub, here’s my automated Google Sheet that has helped me track my Networth and Financial situation month to month. I’ve found this has been great to know how I’m going in progressing financially and I’ve been using it over a year. Here’s some screenshots herehere and here.

Some of the features I’ve built into the Sheet:

– Captures all parts of your financial position (Cash, Stocks, ETF’s, Dividends, Super etc.)

– Live ETF/Stock prices for live insight into your portfolio

– The cool stuff: Automatically optimizes when & what indexes to buy (this is built in)

– Automatically copies your entire financial position when you save your monthly progress. This is great for watching your Networth grow giving you a sense of progression month-to-month.

– Tracks and gives you feedback on your Savings habits and monthly spend.

– Cash Savings Targets, I’ve also added in a House Deposit tracker.

– Automatic budget that feeds into your ETF purchases & automates your monthly bank transfers.

– Keeps track of all returns from Stocks/Dividends helping you see what’s performing.

– Investment return breakdowns per-parcel and on a holistic level.

And a whole bunch of other features, give the sheet a look to see.

The sheet only requires you to update a few values each month and automatically crunches everything else for you with some scripts meaning the input each month is minimal. I’ve used this sheet myself for over a year and it’s been great to get a picture of my financial situation and where I am putting my money next.

Link to the Sheet here

If you have any questions or feedback just let me know and I’ll try and answer them!