What are some good blogs about Australian personal finance?

Mr. Money Mustache – Classic Australian early retirement, frugality and personal finance blog.

ETF Bloke – A blog is designed for Australians who want to learn more about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), indexing, asset allocation and passive investing using ETF portfolios.

Get Money Wise: a blog with a large community of readers focusing on financial independence and retiring early. Run by Sydney-based self-declared “broke millionaire” Cath, the blog offers a range of valuable tips and strategies for saving money, paying off debt, generating passive income, and retiring as early as possible. You’ll gain some smart-money insights following Caths journey as she works to achieve her stated goal of retiring by 2025.

Frugal and Thriving: If you’re looking for ways to live the frugal lifestyle, Frugal and Thriving is the blog for you. While the idea of frugal living may sound like deprivation, this blog — run by Queensland-based Melissa Goodwin — takes a positive approach and focuses on building rewarding habits for saving money. Covering everything from grocery savings and recipes to DIY and budgeting, Frugal and Thriving is your one-stop-shop for all things budgeting.

Simple Savings: an ad-free blog with a paid-membership level, and it’s run by self-declared “miser extraordinaire” Fiona Lippey. The Savings Vault section provides a rich source of information, thousands of tips and strategies, printable downloads, and constant updates on ways to save money and pay down debt. You’ll also have access to the Forum, a large community where you can access support and inspiration from other members.

Financial Independence in 3000 Day Enter Mr 3000, a 36-year-old finance guru with a goal to achieve financial independence in 3000 days (by March 2026). Filled with endless tips and insights on setting money goals, applying investment strategies, real estate, starting businesses, and saving money, this blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to set up their nest egg and retire early.

Remember to Water: a personal finance blog covering a wide range of topics but with a focus on money tips and passive income. Having successfully saved for a housing deposit and paid the mortgage off just 10 years later, Tom and his partner wanted to share their knowledge and experience with others. With a comprehensive early retirement calculator, a long list of blog articles, and links to other financial blogs, Remember to Water is a blog you should check out today for a wealth of useful money insights.

David and Libby Koch: Updated by well-known personal finance journalist David Koch and his partner Libby, the David and Libby Koch blogs are part of the site. Their blog articles offer advice and insights on a huge range of financial topics such as psychology around money, succeeding in the property market, plus wider economic trends and their impact. Whether you’re looking for practical personal advice, strategies on topics like tax and super, or predictions for investments, this blog offers it all.

Lifehacker: The dedicated section on money has many opportunities to access useful tips and insights on financial management, savings, and special deals. The blog also features news and current events relevant to personal financial issues — like the budget and tax changes. Practical and readable, the Lifehacker Money blog is a good daily resource to check out if you’re seeking money tips and timely updates on bargains.

Savings Guide: dedicated to practical personal finance advice and covers a wide variety of topics. Budgeting, getting out of debt, saving money, and managing the household budget are just a few of the subjects covered. You can download useful templates for budgeting, read about compliance subjects like tax and super, and find out about hot discounts.

The Savings Room: A personal finance blog focused on saving money across all areas of your life. You can read about savings tips for shopping, saving for cars and holidays, or simply stretching your dollars further. Run by blogger Penina Petersen, who successfully fed her family on just $42 a week, The Savings Room offers more than 40,000 savings tips, so you’re sure to find a useful strategy or two in this popular blog.